Recycling Electronics


Computer products can include toxic chemicals, carcinogens and heavy metals, so when you are done with a computer, router, printer and the like, it is important to dispose of them correctly.

What You Can Do with Your Unwanted Electronics

  • A quick search on the Internet or the Yellow Pages will usually yield a number of recycling companies that handle e-waste.
  • Call or check the website of your local municipality for electronics recycling programs. Many towns host recycling collection events.
  • Many electronics retailers will take your old electronics and recycle them. Call and ask.
  • eBay Rethink Initiative: On this site you can find information, tools and solutions that make it easy – and even profitable – to find new users for idle computers and electronics, and responsibly recycle unwanted products.
If your product still works, donate it or sell it. If it is an old computer, make sure you have cleaned off your personal data. Many computing clubs want your old equipment or will know who does. Again, check your local listings.