Green Packaging

D-Link's commitment to the environment does not just stop at technology alone, the company has adopted a green approach for packaging objectives as well. New compact packaging designs and eco-friendly materials result in notable reductions in materials used and improved shipping efficiency.

Packaging Size

D-Link product packaging has recently undergone a redesign to reduce weight, eliminate excess materials and use as much recycled material as possible.

By shrink-wrapping the box, the units are protected from humidity and water damage. As a result, redundant/unnecessary plastic bags for individual accessories have been safely done away with.

Unutilized packing space has been eliminated. The new revisions for consumer products have generally resulted in a greater than 30% decrease in the total weight of packaging materials. Decreased empty space and lower shipping weight means more units can be transported together on a single pallet. This helps to reduce the overall quantity of fossil fuel used for transportation.

1g of paper contains
Wood2.6 g
Lime0.0076 g
Sulfur0.0058 g
Chlorine0.0028 g
Water0.03 mL
One tree produces 50 kgs of paper.
Growth conditions of a tree:

High: 8M
Diameter: 16 cm
Growth period: around 20~40 years

Sources: Quote by Wikipedia

D-Link has taken the following action on boxes with significant success. The following savings are based on 2007 sales of one model used as an example.

1. Saying No to Plastic Bags

  • Network cables no longer packaged in plastic bags
  • Example model: DIR-615
  • Savings: 2 tons of crude oil

2. Redesign of Gift Box

  • Less material but still protects contents
  • Example model: DWA-125
  • Savings: 44.5 trees

3. Increasing the Quantity of Pallet Units

  • Most efficient plan and arrangement to have more quantity on one pallet unit
  • Example model: DSL-2500
  • Savings: 10x20' Containers

4. Green Package Materials for Gift Box/Literature/Carton

  • Use eco-friendly packaging material - without sacrificing appearance and quality
  • Example model: DSL-520B
  • Savings: 1,275 trees

Package Materials

Product boxes are now printed using eco-friendly soy ink derived from natural ingredients as opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink. In addition to being more biodegradable and easier to recycle, images and print appear brighter than traditional ink.

D-Link uses an inner paper tray made of 100% reprocessed paper pulp. The outer box is recyclable.

The majority of printed materials included with the package use wood-free paper, and are printed in monochrome (black/white) rather than full spectrum.

Soy Ink

Use of the American Soy Bean Association-IM Soy Ink Seal certifies that D-Link recognizes its value as a renewable
resource and alternative to petroleum-based inks.