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Green Office
A green office implements practices which reduce waste, decrease energy usage, and strive to have a neutral impact on the environment. Green offices promote action and awareness, and educate employees regarding important environmental issues. Green offices encourage telecommunication, carpooling and additional practices that help to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint. Green offices encourage employees to follow the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.What does D-Link Green Mean for D-Link Employees?
D-Link Headquarters has already made several changes within the past few years that have had a major impact. These policies are rapidly being rolled out to D-Link business units throughout the world.

Paperless Office
For several years, D-Link has been a paperless office, which refers to use of email in addition to the use of electronic files rather than paper. If the need to print materials does arise, employees generally print double sided pages or print on reused paper with blank side.

Trash Awareness
Employees were presented the option to give up their personal trash bins. As a result, employees have become more conscious of the amount of waste that they produce, and are striving to reduce the amount of personal debris created on a daily basis. As a result, D-Link Headquarters has produced 30% less trash per person since 2006.

Water Conservation
Low-flow one-touch faucets are installed in restrooms which cut the amount of water used for hand washing. From 2006 to 2007, the total volume of water used at D-Link Headquarters was reduced by an average of 17% per month.

Energy Conservation
Newly installed insulation within the building has led to improved energy efficiency. From 2007 to 2008, the number of kilowatt hours used at the D-Link Headquarters office was reduced an average of 10% per month. The ambient room temperature is kept at a comfortable level and efficiently managed through directional ceiling vents.

LCD monitors and standby settings help to reduce the energy used by desktop PCs. Employees are required to shut down their PCs whenever they leave the office.

To save energy, one or more elevators are shut down during off-peak hours. Elevators are programmed to service alternating floors thus reducing redundant traffic. This system has been implemented to encourage employees to use stairs as much as possible.

Lunchroom Upkeep
The lunchroom at D-Link Headquarters uses only washable/reusable utensils, which significantly reduces the amount of waste created at each meal. Employees who pack their own lunch are encouraged to use reusable containers.

Comprehensive Recycling
D-Link Headquarters participates in a comprehensive recycling program which covers everything from office paper to plastic bottles. Every floor is equipped with bins separated by plastic, paper, glass and aluminum in addition to used CDs and batteries to make sure of proper disposal.

Biodiversity Mini-Park
D-Link Headquarters is the first major corporate office in Taipei to implement a biodiversity mini-park, which includes a vegetable garden, lotus pond, and 569 square meters of green space. This mini-park promotes employee awareness and serves to increase the level of biodiversity at the office. The algae growing in the lotus pond plays a part in reducing the office’s carbon footprint by converting CO2 into breathable oxygen. The company has strategically placed a vegetable garden and green space to prevent erosion, and purify local water runoff.

D-Link Day – Environmental Action and Awareness Event
On May 23, 2009, D-Link celebrated its first “D-Link Day.” Employees from all across the company gathered along a hiking trail in Tianmu to collect litter and revitalize the delicate wilderness area around the mountains.

Living Green at Work and at Home
All D-Link Employees are encouraged to maintain the D-Link Green philosophy outside the office. D-Link employees follow the 3 R’s, and persuade others to do the same with the understanding that every individual can make a difference.