Green Router, Switch, NAS, etc.


The D-Link Green line of products was launched to ensure that the Company's sustainability and corporate responsibility goals were being met. Due to the wide variety of products that we make, innovation is key to our success in utilizing D-Link Green Technology across a number of platforms. The D-Link Green Standards ensures that consumers are receiving a standardized set of Green features.

Minimum Requirements to Qualify as D-Link Green:

  • Utilize D-Link's energy saving technology
  • Comply with green initiatives
  • Use D-Link's Green Packaging

Energy Saving Technology

D-Link Green products implement special power-saving features that detect link status and cable length and adjust power usage accordingly. When a computer or network equipment is shutdown, switches often remain on and continue to consume a considerable amount of power.

  • With D-Link Green Technology, if there is no cable link or link partners turn off, D-Link Green Technology will put that port in a "sleep mode," reducing power used for that port and saving energy.

    • If PCs connected to the switch are turned off, D-Link Green Technology can save up to 66% of the power used for each system.

  • D-Link Green Technology detects Ethernet cable length and adjusts power usage to save energy. This way, a port connected to a 20-meter cable only uses as much power as it needs, instead of using full power, which is only needed for 100-meter cables.

    • If cable length is less than 20 meters, D-Link Green Technology can save up to 62% power used for each system.

  • Routers with D-Link Green Technology let you schedule Wi-Fi for only the times you need it.
  • When using a router with D-Link Green Technology, the SharePort® feature lets users access  a networked printer without needing to power on a host computer.
  • Storage enclosures with D-Link Green Technology take their own temperature and adjust the fan to provide only the cooling that is needed. The hard drives rest when not in use.
  • Photo frames with D-Link Green Technology shut down when no one's around to watch.
  • PowerLine HD adapters with D-Link Green Technology use the cabling you already have in your home and turn off when you are not sending data.

In a standard workday scenario where PCs are used for 10 hours a day and powered off 14 hours a day, and connected to the switch using 20 meter cables, D-Link Green Technology can save up to 66% of the power used for each system. (Based on use of D-Link DGS-1005D switch.)

Green Packaging

D-Link Green also adopts a green approach for our packaging objectives: Use of eco-friendly packaging material - without sacrificing looks and quality.

1. Recyclable packaging material
  • Inner paper tray is made from reprocessed paper
  • Gift boxes utilize virgin paper pulp for better cost and quality
  • Gift boxes are printed with Soy Ink, which takes less energy to produce, is less toxic and is easier to recycle
2. Minimize and fully utilize packaging material
  • The Quick Install Guide (QIG) material specification has been changed to 80-pound wood-free paper and monochrome printing
  • Implementation of new packaging concept (eliminating the inner white box)
3. Reduced packaging material increases transportation efficiency
  • Increased load capacity of pallets
4. Elimination of excess material
  • Reduced plastic usage
  • Eliminate individual packaging whenever it is possible to ship products in bulk cartons

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