Green FAQs


Can I make my existing switch Green by upgrading the firmware?

No, new hardware is necessary.

Does this have anything to do with the work of the IEEE Energy-Efficient Ethernet Study Group?

No, this is an independent initiative. We will of course monitor the progress of the IEEE and integrate their Green ethernet version in our products as soon as it is ready.

What benefits will users see from going Green?

Reduced heat and power consumption, cost savings and a longer life expectancy for networking kit. Users may not be so aware of the power consumption of individual pieces of equipment, but they'll be able to feel the heat of them. With Gigabit products in particular, users will notice a big difference in the amount of heat emitted by the switches. This should in turn prolong the lifespan of the products, since parts will not be exposed to such long periods of heat.
We've talked to many customers and everyone from the largest enterprise to the home user wants to save energy and networking devices are often the target. They're seen as very power hungry because mostly they are powered up all the time. In the US, a 2002 Department of Energy Study estimated the total power consumption of enterprise IT equipment in US offices to be 97 terawatt hours per year, which translates to around $8bn in energy costs. Even a small reduction in that figure would be a sizeable saving.

When did D-Link first get involved in Green Technology and why?

We've been working on it since the beginning of 2008. We had customers both in the US and throughout Europe asking us if we had a Green offering so we started looking into the technology and also at the standards work at the EEE study group. The work there is only at a very early draft stage, so we investigated the technologies that are around today to see if we had the chance to realise the vision sooner. Only recently, we found selected partners which could provide the technology that enables the energy saving features - and that's why we decided to launch the D-Link Green products.

Are the Verified D-Link Green products compatible with other products?

The solution we are proposing today is compatible with all other devices. But compatibility is not really the issue. You don't need to develop a special protocol to talk to the end-station for this to work. We are just coming up with a smart way of dealing with energy.

What do you expect will be the reaction of the rest of the industry?

There's a general trend in the IT industry towards making products more green. Look at other manufacturer’s recent announcements about power savings in their servers and even chip makers with their CPUs. We're just moving that into the networking environment. We plan to maintain our leadership in the market. But we believe the launch will make a very big impact and we expect competitors to quickly start looking at how they can solve the problem too.

* value based on DGS-1008D, figure will vary depending on product