External Certification


In order for a D-Link product to receive D-Link Green certification, it must fulfill three main requirements. D-Link Green certified products must receive at least one form of environmental certification from an outside organization, in addition to using green technology, and green packaging.

D-Link actively works to reduce energy consumption, consciously striving to create products that fit within standards for a better environment. D-Link’s current list of certifications includes the following:

- ISO 14001
- ISO 14064-1
- ISO 9001
- RoHS
Power Savings
Wi-Fi Scheduler
Smart Fan
Green Technology
D-Link is the first company to create green switching technology. From that point, we have focused our efforts to expand the use of green technology throughout all of our product lines. D-Link Green Technology includes a number of innovations to reduce energy consumption. For more information on D-Link’s current line of Green Technology, please click here.
  Packaging Size                    
The new revisions for consumer products have generally resulted in a greater than 30% decrease in the total weight of packaging materials.
  Package Materials                    
Use of the American Soy Bean Association-IM Soy Ink Seal certifies that D-Link recognizes its value as a renewable resource and alternative to petroleum-based inks.
Green Packaging
D-Link's commitment to the environment does not just stop at technology alone, the company has adopted a green approach for packaging objectives as well. New compact packaging designs and eco-friendly materials result in notable reductions in materials used which improve shipping efficiency.